The Specialists

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» Nobody can do everything on it´s own «

This maxim is openminded and honest and very important for us! Because of the further developments of the last years dentistry is marching forward into the future in big steps. Because of this focus and perfection is in demand to guarantee you the best possible dentistry. This is the reason why we are specialized for several topics as our heartland in our office.

Furthermore we are cooperating with well-chosen specialists to be able to offer you the whole world of dentistry in a certain level of quality.

The special fields of work are:

  1.   the anaesthesiology

  2.   the special dentistry for children up to an age of 12 years

  3.   the orthodontic treatments for children and adults

  4.   the endodontic treatment

  5.   the great radiology with CT scans of the had and the jaws

  6.   the plastic surgery

For the time of treatment we send you trustfully to our partners and specialists to welcome you back in our office based on perfect treatment results and eventually for further treatments in our office.

The orthodontist
Fr. Dr. N. Borges
The kids dentist
Fr. Dr. Ch. Butz
The endodontist
Hr. Dr. Chr. Kaaden
The radiologist
Dr. Wuttge & Kollegen
The anaesthesiologist
anaest München
The plastic surgery
Dr. Jasmin Fuhr