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Melanie Konitzer

Registration and Administration

When you enter our office, you are welcome by our friendly and professional registration and administration staff. They will welcome you personally at our reception or by phone. They are responsible for the allocation and coordination of all events as well as for general office administration. If you have special requests or questions relating to your treatment, or if you want to get rid criticism (or praise) – the friendly women in our registration desk are the right contact partners for you.

Claudia Zinke and Nadine Hennig

Dental hygienist (DH) and Dental Assistant (ZMF)

Prevention is a matter of trust! Competence and continuity are crucial for the success in the prevention of oral diseases. In our office we are aware of this. Through the years we have build a solid area of prevention and maintenance treatments as key components in patients care and treatment.

With Mrs. Claudia Zinke and Mrs. Nadine Hennig our office has two professional assistances on the areas around the prophylaxis, and maintenance of oral health after treatments for periodontal disease. Mrs. Zinke is a long-term member of the practice team and knows the individual needs of every patient. She is able to give the best recommendation according to the situation and perform the corresponding treatment.

Raffaela Jauch, Didem Ünsal, Carola Höftmann

Dental Assistant (ZMA)

The assistant staff in dental or oral surgery requires great empathy for the patients. It is necessary to provide the a smooth and pleasant atmosphere during treatment. In our office, you will be provided by a professional assistance through our dental assistants (ZMA) with an understanding of all of your needs around and during the treatments. Our staff will always be receptive for your treatment needs and will try to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

Mrs. Höftmann is a specially trained expert in surgical assistant and the contact person for all questions relating to surgical procedures.

Daniela Krause

Dental Administrative Assistant (DAA)

Mrs. Krause works highly professionally in the administrative office. She is in charge of developing the costs estimates, costs plans, and the billings after treatment. She will assist you very professionally in all questions regarding costs and health insurance topics.

Mrs. Krause is a very competent person in our team with huge experience in topics related to insurance and treatment costs.